5 Key Things to Consider When Traveling to London 3

5 Key Things to Consider When Traveling to London


London remains among the most popular destinations you can visit today for a good reason. It is not just a vibrant city. It is also culturally diverse, making it fun and easy to tour.

And among the best things about London is that there will always be something for every traveler. So whether you want to walk on the Thames path or watch the changing of the guard with your Windsor Castle tickets, the following are things to look at if you are planning to visit the city:

5 Key Things to Consider When Traveling to London 4

Tipping in Restaurants

If you are at a restaurant in the city and your bill comes with a service charge, offering a tip won’t be necessary. But if it doesn’t go with it, a 10% tip will be okay for the services.

If the service is terrible, the charge added there already would be optional. So you can pay the check’s amount before the service charge is added.

Time of Visiting

London is one of the year-round destinations. However, it becomes livelier in the summer or warmer months, with many individuals enjoying the riverside bars, music events, parks, and festivals.

If you tour this city in the summer, the days will also be much longer, with the sun setting at around 10 pm. But you have to get prepared for higher prices and bigger crowds.

Customs and Culture

Apart from the few selected words and phrases, Americans find London more accessible because of their official language. British people are not just friendly. They are also polite to tourists. So don’t hesitate to ask for directions when you get lost.

More often, Londoners will be more than happy to point you in the right direction and even offer recommendations about the city. However, always remember that the British people like to order.

Public Transportation

The costs for public transportation are fairly reasonable, especially for the tube and buses. However, it is worth mentioning that cash is not allowed on buses. So getting an Oyster Card will be your best bet and can save you more than 50% compared to tickets.

The cost is about £4.4 daily if you use trams and buses only, and you can use the same card every time for payment.


Among the greatest and most common mistakes people make when touring London is that they don’t plan things. Starting with accommodations and flights and ending with activities and attractions, booking in advance may mean better prices, less time wasted, and more options. Besides, you are looking to enjoy your trip in the city, not spend time standing in a queue.

Usually, tickets for major attractions in the city are cheaper when booked online and at least two days in advance. For instance, you may get more affordable access to the London Eye, the Shard, and Madame Tussauds.

Closing Remarks!

Visiting London for the first time might be daunting. So it will always help a lot to get prepared. And doing some research about all the places, you will tour London with the best and simplest way to plan things.


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