Actual Google Pixel 4 noticed being used exterior 3

Actual Google Pixel 4 noticed being used exterior

After a cascade of leaked renders of the Pixel 4, in particular, based on case designs, Google posted its very own, reliable tease of the phone. It confirmed the digital camera unit and shape of the imminent Pixel three substitute, a long term before the device is predicted.

Actual Google Pixel 4 noticed being used exterior 4

Heaven is aware of what it’s going to tease next; however, as it appears, a real Google Pixel four has been noticed within the wild. A nameless consumer changed into visible going palms-on with an unidentified cellphone that looks suspiciously just like the Pixel 4 renders posted with the aid of Google earlier this week.

Two pictures had been despatched to 9to5Google with the aid of a similarly anonymous tipster, who claimed that the smartphone changed into noticed in London. Nobody genuinely knows why or exactly wherein the alleged Pixel 4 was being used inside the open air. But, the Google-centric web page is satisfied. It is the real deal.

It’s the digital camera unit at the rear that is reputedly the big giveaway. It’s a square unit with rounded corners, much like that on the rear of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, but ranged pinnacle-left as an alternative (it is in the center on the Huawei phone). The most effective other handset rumored to have a rectangular unit within the top-left is the iPhone eleven. Still, the flash machine is within the wrong region in evaluation with CAD renders of Apple’s subsequent handset.

The digital camera is the handiest distinguishing function proven inside the pics, so no longer much more may be gleaned. 9to5Google does upload that it seems to be an XL model primarily based on the customers’ fingers’ size, but they might be small hands of the route. We’ll bring you greater Pixel 4 information because it takes place.

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