British Passport Renewals Now Available in Northern Thailand 2

British Passport Renewals Now Available in Northern Thailand

CHIANG MAI – British residents residing in Northern Thailand can now renew their passports at the United Kingdom Visa Application Centre in Chiang Mai.

 Northern Thailand

A Centre, managed by way of VFS Global in partnership with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, is placed at 191 Siripanich Building, 6th Floor, Huay Kaew Road, Suthep, Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand. The passport renewal carrier was introduced in Chiang Mai to cater to a huge range of British nationals residing in the northern area of Thailand. VFS Global processes approximately five,000 passport renewal requests every yr, with a constant growth discovered in recent years. A committed electronic mail identification and helpline number are in the region to cope with applicants’ queries in Chiang Mai.

British nationals who’ve questions around the renewal of their passports can both name the helpline or attain out thru email. Usually, a utility takes four weeks from the time its miles are acquired using Her Majesty’s Passport Office within the UK. However, if an applicant desires to tour even as this renewal is underway, a utility for emergency journey report wishes to be made. The 34-web page trendy passport will price an applicant £118.51 at the same time as the jumbo 50-page passport fees of £128 — fifty-one (passport and courier price covered).

To book a passport renewal submission appointment, applicants need to send electronic mail to) by bringing up their first and ultimate names alongside three alternative dates and instances and received the confirmation mail. Once the passport renewal is finished, candidates are informed that their passport could be added to the United Kingdom Visa Application Centre. They can accumulate it in man or woman. Commenting on the release, Ben Svasti, British Honorary Consul, Chiang Mai, stated, “We are satisfied to introduce the second one passport renewal facility for the British passport holders in Thailand in affiliation with VFS Global on the modern kingdom of the art UK Visa Application Centre, Chiang Mai. So many British nationals have retired in Chiang Mai and surrounding provinces, and this new passport facility will make lifestyles plenty easier for them when they need to resume their passports”.

Added, Jiten Vyas, Regional Group COO, VFS Global, ” We are pleased to further make stronger our partnership with the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Thailand via introducing a 2d facility for passport renewals of British nationals. We agree that the facility will carry a greater comfort to the British citizens in the northern components of us of a.”

VFS Global stocks a protracted-standing affiliation with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) considering 2003 and currently serves the purchaser government in 57 countries through a network of 136 Centres for the visa, records, and identity and citizen services. In addition, the enterprise has been servicing the patron government of the UK in Thailand because of 2006 in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai as a gift. Besides serving the candidates searching for a UK visa through its visa application centers in the country, VFS Global also added the Mobile Visa Application Centre for the United Kingdom visa applicants in April 2018.

Key functions of the center will encompass:

Quick appointment availability and quicker turnaround times for receipt of processed documentation. Dedicated email to answer queries from applicants

About VFS Global

VFS Global is the arena’s biggest outsourcing and generation services expert for governments and diplomatic missions international. VFS Global has Swiss parentage and is a portfolio company of EQT, a leading global private equity company situated in Stockholm, Sweden. With 3070 Application Centres, operations in 147 nations throughout five continents, and over 199 million packages processed as of 30 April 2019, VFS Global is dependent on the accomplice of sixty-three client governments.

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