BTS quit European leg of global tour with memorable Paris live performance 2

BTS quit European leg of global tour with memorable Paris live performance

Thousands of fans traveled from Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, and France for the gig on the Stade de France that had a competitive atmosphere. The subsequent suggests within the ‘Love Yourself: Speak Yourself’ international tour takes place in Osaka, Japan, from July 6-7

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K-pop stars BTS added the European leg of their modern global excursion to a close on Saturday with a live performance in Paris, attended by tens of heaps of fanatics from across the continent. Following the boy band’s live shows at London’s Wembley Stadium the previous weekend, the septet got here to rock France on Friday and Saturday; their very last indicates in Europe as a part of the ongoing “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” global tour. Hours beforehand of the concert at the Stade de France, which contains as much as 80,000 humans, excited fanatics from Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, in addition to France, accumulated collectively, making a song and dancing BTS songs at the live performance venue, turning it into an out of doors festival.

A 17-12 months-vintage Swiss fan named Emma was given up early inside the morning to journey to the Stade de France from her homeland of Lausanne. The landmark live performance was additionally attended by heavily armed police officers and police on horseback to hold order around the country-wide stadium, the web page of a lethal terrorist bombing attack in 2015. Paris’ transport authorities also joined the festive temper, posting a message on Twitter in Korean on one of its accounts pointing out: “Subway Line 9 is operating easily. Have an excellent day, anybody!” The next indicates within the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” excursion in Osaka, Japan, on July 6 and seven.

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