Egypt’s Best Camping Spots 2

Egypt’s Best Camping Spots

Hit 10 billion human beings by using 2050, restricting natural assets greater than ever. Statistics display that as our numbers develop, natural landscapes will most effectively cut back. In Egypt, there are heaps of miles of pristine landscapes that still stay untouched using people’s arms. Enjoying such natural beauty while it lasts is something that should be on all people’s to-do listings.

Camping Spots

Going tenting is a healthful enjoy that brings you in the direction of appreciating nature’s sanctity, all of them even as learning about yourself. Here is our choice of satisfactory tenting locations around Egypt.

Fjord Bay

Nestled among the azure-blue waters of the Red Sea and the excessive-peaked mountains, the Fjord Bay is one of the maximum lovely herbal scenes in all of Egypt. Campers can spend their day chilling on the gold sandy seaside or move on a hike for a bold experience. It is not the most effective; however, it also has one of the most underrated diving spots in all of Egypt with breathtaking corals.

Wadi Degla

On the outskirts of Cairo, mins from Maadi, the Wadi Degla Nature Protectorate is a getaway for the ones of you unable to travel to distant places. With not anything, however, sleepy hills and awe-inducing landscapes, there’s nothing but serenity and peace of thoughts in this region. At Wadi Degla, campers can experience a myriad of activities, from walking and mountaineering to BBQing. At night, if you are fortunate sufficient, you may come across one in all Wadi Degla’s many foxes and have a firsthand encounter with nature.

Ras Abu Gallum

Located alongside the coast from the Blue Hole, the Ras Abu Gallum Nature Protectorate is one of the maximum secluded places in Egypt, with not anything but the sea, mountains, and stars. It’s tough to discover a cellphone sign there, so say goodbye on your social media, take a seat tight, and revel in the beauty of your entire stay. In Ras Abu Gallum, numerous huts and camps belong to the local Bedouin wherein you could live. However, an excellent higher idea would be to bring your dozing bag and go to sleep to the sound of waves and an unforgettable view of a star-studded night sky.

Ras Abu Gallum is also domestic to Egypt’s Blue Lagoon, one in every Dahab’s first-rate kept secrets, away from all the inns and unsustainable tourism. The Blue Lagoon is a chunk of heaven on Earth with calm turquoise waters and gravel seashores made of thousands of colors.

The White Desert

Located north of Qasr Al-Farafra, the White Desert is a mystical vicinity to visit. Once experienced, many of its tourists locate it difficult to leave any such spellbinding area. It is one of the more currently declared nature reserves. In the White Desert, a traveler can find a myriad of different-worldly land formations that were sculpted over hundreds of years by way of the desert’s harsh winds. With bizarre shapes which are ever-changing, you can still find chalk-white rock formations of ‘mushrooms,’ ‘tents,’ ‘crickets,’ and even ‘ice-cream cones’ to call some.

Siwa Oasis

Between the Great Sand Sea and the Qattara Depression, South of Marsa Matruh lies one of the maximum beautiful of Egypt’s destinations, Siwa. It is indeed one of the most secluded areas of the united states of America. Siwa Oasis is famous for its limestone cliffs and the ruins of the mud fortress that became once known as Shali. A few miles from the historical castle lies the remains of the Temple of Ammon, where the oracle topped Alexander as king of Egypt and son of Amman. The beautiful metropolis has a market that has many homes made wonders and the sector-renowned Siwan dates and olives.

Wadi Al-Hitan

In 2005, Wadi Al-Hitan changed into declared a UNESCO World Heritage website for its natural splendor and medical importance. Every 12 months, thousands of travelers and scientists come from all over the world to wonder at this tiny, secluded paradise. From starry nights to trekking, the protected place has something for everyone. Millions of years in the past, the vicinity that now accommodates Wadi Al-Hitan Nature Protectorate used to be a prehistoric sea with many marine lifestyles. All of that’s extinct now. Today, Wadi Al-Hitan is renowned throughout the globe for the many unique whale fossils it possesses, imparting key insights into the evolution of whales from land-residing mammals to marine-living animals.

Ras Muhammed

Considered one of the global’s fine diving spots, Ras Muhammed is Egypt’s oldest nature reserve. The countrywide park is placed on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula between the coral reefs of the Red Sea and the barren inland region. The biodiversity of Ras Muhammed is nothing quick or surprising, with innumerable coral reefs, marine invertebrate species, and dolphins also offshore.

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