Dream of spending your retirement at the seaside? Here are the best towns 2

Dream of spending your retirement at the seaside? Here are the best towns

Spending your days along with your toes inside the sand can also sound like the proper retirement. However, there are loads more to take into consideration when it comes to locating the perfect place.

retirement at the seaside

These days, U.S. News & World Report analyzed the country’s 100 largest metropolitan regions and got here up with a list of the quality beach cities wherein to spend your retirement. “While a few human beings dream of retirement in a far-off seashore town, older retirees frequently want to get right of entry to offerings, such as hospital therapy or transportation,” stated Emily Brandon, senior retirement editor at U.S. News & World Report. “Many retirees additionally want to paintings at least part-time in retirement to supplement their retirement earnings.” The ebook also considered elements including housing affordability, happiness, and taxes while compiling the list. So here are the nice coastal towns for retirement, in conjunction with housing prices, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Fort Myers, Florida

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Fort Myers metro area boasts some of the seashores within its attain, including Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel and Captiva Islands. The median domestic fee for the ones age 60 and older is $200, two hundred. The median month-to-month mortgage charge is $1,364, at the same time as monthly charges for a paid-off house is $562. A median lease is $1,033 in line with the month.

Sarasota, Florida

Just about an hour south of Tampa, Sarasota is a popular visitor and retirement destination thanks to the white, powdery sand seashores like the ones on Siesta Key. About 2.7 million humans visited Sarasota County between October 2017 and September 2018, in line with the cutting-edge statistics from the place’s tourism bureau. Approximately 26.50% of the population is aged 65 and older, a recent GoBankingRates analysis located. The median home fees for those aged 60 and older are $204,000, while the median month-to-month hire is $1,060.

Daytona Beach, Florida

For a cheaper retirement option, head to Daytona Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It will also be a little more active. NASCAR, situated inside the vicinity, holds several massive motorsports occasions every 12 months, U.S. News said. The median domestic charge for those age 60 and older is $160, two hundred. The median loan payment is $1,173 per month, at the same time as the month-to-month fee of a loan-unfastened home is $433. The median monthly hire is $910.

San Diego

Situated at the Pacific Ocean in southern California, San Diego gives up a coastline, a boardwalk, and an enjoyment park. It’s also pricier than its Florida counterparts. The median home fee for those age 60 and older is $483,600.

Portland, Maine

Head north to get four-season weather in Portland, Maine. There you may have fun with lobster, go to the place’s lighthouses and take inside the rocky shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean. The median home rate for those age 60 and older is $249, two hundred, while the median rent is $783 per month.


Retirees who crave a town vibe may also prefer to head to Miami. Dubbed “The Magic City,” Miami lures retirees to rapid-paced South Beach or laid lower back Key Biscayne. Theycan alson soak up the sun all year long, although Miamialsoy faces occasional rainstorms and hurricane threats. Housing will cost those age 60 and older $1,529 a month if they have a mortgage or $589 if they don’t. Renters must anticipate paying $998 in step with month.

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