Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Combines Craft Beer And Hospitality 2

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa Combines Craft Beer And Hospitality

While a hotel might not be the primary location that involves thoughts while looking for a craft beer revel in, the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, placed in Palm Beach, FL, prides itself on doing matters a bit in a different way. The lodge has stunning rooms designed by way of Jonathan Adler and a spa that not even the most lively person will need to transport from; however, its food and beverage service competitors top restaurants in which this is the best consciousness.

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Another way the lodge is differentiating itself? The craft beer business. The idea, says Bryan Long, assistant director of meals and beverage and the motel cicerone, got here to life. At the same time, he advised using an old George Dickel bourbon barrel—lengthy because emptied and being used as a bit of décor—become used to make a craft beer solely for the inn.

“Our guests need to return here, and that they want to enjoy something they can’t get at domestic, and we want to stand out as a network, too, mainly on the craft beer facet, so it turned into honestly the appropriate marriage. We already try and supply the whole thing we can regionally and love to collaborate and aid each person who’s in our backyard,” Long says.

Long became to Palm Beach, FL-based Copperpoint Brewing Company to help increase a beer that could supplement the bourbon barrel, pair properly with food, and deliver the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa’s customers something to talk approximately. With the help of brewmaster Matt Cox, the lodge may be debuting a barrel-aged imperial stout on June 15, 2019, for a confined run. The beer may be available on the lodge’s Stir Bar.

“It has to taste notes of dark roasted espresso, chocolate, fig, and some spice from the original bourbon. I could pair it with a red meat stew, Korean barbecue, or a heavy burger for dinner. For dessert, I assume it might complement a buttered pecan or traditional vanilla ice cream and will even be used as an ice cream go with the flow,” he says, citing the caramel cream waft this is already on the menu at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

Long and his culinary group is pairing the discharge with mild bites, including candied bacon, bourbon-caramel infused popcorn, and a cutting-edge spin on ‘bangers and mash’ on the resort’s release party. The event is unfastened, and guests may be able to take hold of a flavor of the one-of-a-kind stout complimentary for as long as supplies final.

Long notes that there’s most effective one 50-gallon barrel of the imperial stout, with a purpose to make for approximately two hundred bottles, which cost $24 each. While freeing an extraordinary beer to the resort may also appear like it’s all about the visitor’s enjoyment, Long explains the concept runs deeper than that. He says that highlighting the local people and lifting it into the highlight makes it an appeal past its inner circle. He says that the ones within the hospitality enterprise, especially accommodations and accommodations, need to discover methods to combine the meals and beverage developments happening in its local community. It will obtain rewards for the entire local economy. “Certainly for us, that is something that we want to develop going ahead, and that is a real threat for the hospitality industry to sell their neighborhood communities,” he says.

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