Here it's far: The maximum ridiculous excursion apartment hassle I’ve ever visible 2

Here it’s far: The maximum ridiculous excursion apartment hassle I’ve ever visible

The beginning of this bizarre excursion apartment hassle

Wu’s weird vacation condominium trouble began while he went looking for a 4-month condominium in Lucerne. We could be traveling on a piece visa as a part of his employment. His wife and his cats would be coming along too. They wished for a condo that might accommodate them all.\


The couple perused the listings on VRBO until they located one that might be available for their whole life. Soon Wu located an apartment that seemed best — a well-positioned, two-bedroom unit with availability from October to February. And it becomes pet-friendly. He contacted the proprietor thru the VRBO communications platform. “Hello! I’m writing to verify if the long-term dates unique apply to you,” Wu wrote. “And we can be bringing our cats.” The host, Monica, speedy spoke back with pleasantries and an affirmation of availability. “The belongings are to be had from Oct. 21 – Feb. 28, and I’d want to invite you to stay!” Monica wrote. “You are pre-accepted to ebook, so you will mechanically be showed in case you make a price.”

Monica additionally furnished the address of the condo so that Wu and his wife could confirm its region. And then Wu pays as you go around $nine 000 for his family’s entire life. But there was one final wrinkle to iron out in their plans. Proof of a condominium hire for the Swiss migration office Wu’s spouse wished for a few additional documentation for the Swiss migration workplace. So Wu wrote again to Monica to invite written evidence that she permitted his spouse inside the condominium. My business enterprise is talking to the migration workplace for me, so I’m getting this 2d-hand. Here’s what they stated I want:

1. Copy of rent contract (the area where you will be residing right here in Switzerland)
2. Written confirmation of the owner that they are fine that your spouse was living with you.

I can provide the VRBO receipt as a shape of hire settlement. Maybe just a quick declaration announcing which you know and approve my spouse, Laura Kinkead, to dwelling with me within the rental. Monica agreed to offer a landlord declaration. But, in hindsight, what she despatched Wu turned into the first clue of the condo nightmare to come. And this file might later come returned to haunt Wu. More on that quickly. We completed the visa utility for his wife, and the migration office authorized it. Soon the couple and their cats would be on their manner to their journey in Switzerland. VRBO shared space rentals aren’t allowed. So what’s taking place here? A few days earlier than Wu and his extended family arrived in Lucerne, he emailed Monica. He requested how they might take a look at it.

“Hello, Monica, because we are arriving soon, what need to we expect for checking in to the apartment?” We requested. “We anticipate being in Lucerne around 15:30. Thanks!” Monica spoke back to Wu with beneficial data about the way to navigate her neighborhood. She said that she had to paintings to go away a key in an envelope for the couple. Several days later, Wu and his spouse arrived at the rental. All seemed satisfactory. He texted Monica to affirm their arrival and to get the Wi-Fi code. Again, Monica changed into helpful and friendly. She told Wu that she was presently in London. But Wu thought it was extraordinary while she ended with this article:

“Enjoy, and I’ll see you day after today night.”

Wu puzzled why they might see her the subsequent night. But he assumed she just desired to meet them and acquaint them with the condominium. Why is the proprietor in our vacation condo at 1 a.M?

He became incorrect.

The next day Monica texted the couple to tell them she wouldn’t be there until late within the evening. Now Wu says it started to become clear that they will have by some means booked a shared space condominium on VRBO. It becomes getting pretty late. And now it becomes turning into extra and much more likely that we are in a shared space rental because a number take a look at-in doesn’t normally arise beyond 11 p.M. We went to mattress. Then we pay attention to her arrival at about one in the morning. She left bright and early, nicely earlier than we even wakened.

The couple was thoroughly careworn as to how they ended up in this quandary. We went lower back to the original VRBO list — there has been no point out of this being a shared space apartment. Having no desire to spend four months dwelling with a stranger — even a pleasant one — Wu right away contacted VRBO.

Asking VRBO to refund this shared space rental

When Wu, to start with, contacted VRBO to record his wonder shared space condo, a consultant became sympathetic. Wu explains: VRBO said that renting shared spaces changed into strictly not allowed on their website, and consequently, the assets proprietor turned into in violation of VRBO’s terms and conditions. VRBO stated we had been entitled to a complete refund. Lastly, VRBO stated that they would provide a resort room to stay in while we discovered a rebooking. Relieved that it regarded their $nine 000 turned into now not in jeopardy, the couple regular relocation to a lodge. As they had been preparing to depart, the host again.

We stated that his spouse evenly defined all that the VRBO consultant had told them. She advised Monica that at no time did they count on being in a shared area rental. And finally, Wu’s spouse advised Monica that the couple anticipated money back. Monica did now not agree to the refund. Wu says Monica regarded stressed as well, and they mentioned something approximately the list coming from Airbnb — not VRBO. Getting nowhere with Monica, the couple collected their things and their cats and left.

Vrbo: “Don’t fear. We’ve got your back.”

Once they arrived at the hotel, Wu received an email from VRBO. That message alerted him that the owner had canceled their life. The e-mail commenced with, “Don’t fear. We’ve got your back.” It went on to describe the protections that renters have when a bunch cancels a property. The protections of the Book with Confidence Guarantee also are distinctive on the VRBO/HomeAway website. According to the email, Wu and his spouse must visit the VRBO website and discover a suitable substitute condominium. VRBO might cover the cost in their hotel until they could move to a brand new area. So, the duo set about locating a new apartment — thrilled that this little apartment nightmare regarded to be over. This condominium nightmare changed into handiest just getting started.

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