Jaisalmer: Adventure Activities to Try in The Golden City 2

Jaisalmer: Adventure Activities to Try in The Golden City

No amount of description can justify the beauty of the good-sized, unending dunes of Jaisalmer. Essentially a wilderness metropolis, Jaisalmer is understood for the surreal beauty of its wilderness place. And what higher manner than to experience it using going on a wasteland safari. However, there are sorts to pick out from Camel Safari and Jeep Safari.

Adventure Activities

Camel Safari

While on foot along the golden dunes as the solar goes down is a terrific way to spend nighttime here, a bumpy camel journey is noticeably advocated for a few more thrill. The camels right here are embellished in traditional clothing and reflect work and are splendidly discovering the vicinity with an amazing view of the sunset. For the best enjoy, take a camel safari on the Sam Sand Dunes.

Jeep Safari

For an additional bout of adventure, the equal aspect may be finished on a jeep. The jeep’s speed results in a stormy wasteland; that’s the kind of thrill every adrenaline junkie must enjoy. What makes it more amusing is that the jeep is exposed from the top, making the safari even extra bold. While the camel ride takes a little longer to discover, this adventure drive is quicker, hence saving you time as properly. You can also choose the open-top four×four jeep safari to take you through the Desert National Park, also called Fossil Park, Sam Sand Dunes, and Padholi Sanctuary. If neither camel safari nor jeep safari excites you, recognize you’re intended for quad-cycling within the dunes of Jaisalmer. It’s an adventure sport of any other stage, the four-tire motor-bike making one sense like a superhero.

Dune Bashing in SUVs

Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is the best vicinity to indulge in dune bashing. Those who love adventure sports and adrenaline rush should take part in making the desert safari an exciting revel.

Folk Dance and Musical Night

The evenings in Jaisalmer are fabulous because of the daytime. They have traditional folks tune and dance performances everywhere inside the city, in which you’ve obtained the sound of dhols, a welcome drink, and a stay folk song and dance extravaganza. The locals generally wear colorful garb and showed a lot of love and heat to travelers. For a whole enjoy, don’t overlook to savor a Rajasthani thali available at most of those gatherings.

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