Masinagudi: Land of Jeep Safaris And Wildlife Adventure

Whether you’re a journey seeker, nature lover, natural world photographer or explorer, the land of Masinagudi in Tamil Nadu is one you cannot leave out. Tucked deep into the Nilgiris, Masinagudi falls among the bio-diversity hotspots along with Bandipur and Mudumalai National Park. Since it’s a border city, it can easily be reached from the neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka as nicely.

Masinagudi is home to lush green forests, and therefore a huge variety of plants and fauna, cascading waterfalls, gushing rivers and photograph-best landscapes. If you long for the thrill of a natural world safari, Masinagudi is just the location to be.

Wildlife parks together with Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park and Theppakadu Elephant Camp are where all of the motion takes location. Additionally, Moyar River and Pykara Lake must be explored too. An hour jeep safari via the forests of Masinagudi is enormously encouraged.
They are organised each morning and night, where you get a hazard to come face-to-face with not often seen wildlife in their herbal habitat. From a herd of elephants, chitals, wild boars, panthers, jackals, noticed deer to sloth bears, numerous species of birds and snakes can be noticed as properly. Staying at a jungle motel in Masinagudi is a should; most of them provide a wide variety of natural world activities and amazing quietude.

Other locations to visit here are Needle Rock View Point, Frog Hill View Point, Chandanamalai Temple, spice gardens and the gene-pool lawn. For those interested in shopping, don’t cross returned with out the spices, tea, espresso powder, handicrafts, honey, eucalyptus oil, jackfruit and mangoes.

The closest airports from here are in Coimbatore- approximately 140km away, Chennai – about 575km away and Ooty – 36 km away. For those using from Bangalore for a weekend getaway, Masinagudi is ready 260km away and takes 5 hours to reach. From Mysore, it’s far approximately 106km away.

Kids Jungle Safari the perfect safari for your kids where they are going to be trapped in the environment which talks only about flora and fauna. Flora and fauna are the terms which are being used for the vegetation and the wildlife respectively. Sometimes, bookish knowledge for the kids is not sufficient, and they need something which could bring some practical examples in front of them so that they could believe about the facts and the realities of the life.

Summer camp is one of the ways to make a kid know all about the nature and earth which he certainly doesn’t grasp while reading a book. Books are meant for acquiring knowledge but this knowledge isn’t enough for anybody to get aware of the real life, which has every kind of people having different traits. Summer camps are designed accordingly to make the kids know about what things are right and what things are wrong to do.

Through these summer camps, they get an opportunity to acquire some moral values which were seen as only chapters while they used to read the subjects of their course. Kids Jungle Safari is one of the activities of the summer camps which enable the kids to know more about the wildlife and vegetation of the earth.

Jungle safari lets the kids to know about various kind of vegetation. Some of the vegetation present in the jungle might be rare in the cities and are considered as endangered species of plants. Through these safaris, they would come to know about all the endangered species of plants and thus they would even come to know about the disasters which have been made to the nature by the also seen as a way through which the kids get a chance to have a watch on the endangered species of animals which are not seen on daily life and thus, it becomes as one of the great experiences of their lives.

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