New Foreign Minister's Son Says He Can't Help with Passport Woes in Cheeky Tweet 2

New Foreign Minister’s Son Says He Can’t Help with Passport Woes in Cheeky Tweet

In a circulate that amazed many, S Jaishankar became appointed the Minister for External Affairs in Narendra Modi’s 2d cupboard. Jaishankar will triumph from Sushma Swaraj, one of the most Twitter-pleasant politicians in India and a fascinating MEA who has not been given a portfolio this time.

Foreign Minister's

In the backdrop of the US-China exchange-wars and volatile relations with regional powers, bringing in Jaishankar may want to show prudent. His enjoy as a diplomat and the longest-serving overseas secretary these days makes him a potentially true MEA. However, on the day of the declaration, it wasn’t Jaishankar, his son Dhruva Jaishankar who grabbed eyeballs because of a cheeky tweet that he published. It seems that as soon as his father became the MEA, Dhruva received the request on Twitter concerning assist with visas or passports. First, Dhruva responded with, “Dude. Wrong Twitter”. He then published the following message: “And earlier than anybody asks, I can truly now not help all of us with their passport, visa, or getting-you-out-of-a-overseas-prison issues. I even have masses of those issues myself (other than the prisons – I try to live clean of these).”

Sushma Swaraj had been the move-to mantra within the previous cabinet every time Indians caught overseas or foreigners stuck in India had issues or issues. In reality, Swaraj defined what these days are being referred to as “technological diplomacy” and turned it into always geared up to assist our humans with Twitter.

S Jaishankar has big footwear to fill, indeed.

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