No decision on summer time holiday extension yet: SME Dept 2

No decision on summer time holiday extension yet: SME Dept

Bhubaneswar: A day after numerous reviews suggested an extension of summer excursion in colleges across Odisha, state School, and Mass Education, Secretary Pradipta Mohapatra cleared the air and denied this kind of extension.

holiday extension

Terming the reports as ‘hearsay,’ Mohapatra said that the branch had not taken any selection on the vacation extension. That said, a final decision on this context will be taken Monday or Tuesday. As matters stand, the vacation will come to a cease June 19 – as mentioned in the sooner schedule issued through the branch. It may be referred to here that numerous reviews were doing rounds on social media structures, suggesting that the holiday was prolonged as much as June 25. A variety of students and parents assumed the reports to be real. Though the final yr’s vacation turned into extended because of the heatwave and sultry weather conditions, this yr no decision has been taken on this because the climate situation isn’t so harsh in several parts of the kingdom. The arrival of pre-monsoon rains and a subsequent drop in temperature is probably an aspect while the SME department revisits the decision.

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