Camping becoming extremely popular with millennials and Gen X-ers, survey reveals 2

Camping becoming extremely popular with millennials and Gen X-ers, survey reveals

Believe it or not, tenting is the recent new trend. According to the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) 2019 North American Camping Report, camping has emerged as an increasing number of famous among younger people, particularly Millennials and Gen X-ers.

Camping becoming extremely

The annual file cited that there have been a predicted 7 million extra camper households in the U.S. Considering that in 2014, 77 percent of them might be from these companies. The Pew Research Center defines Gen X as all and sundry among 39 and 54 (born between 1965 and 1980) and millennial as absolutely everyone between a long time of 38 and 23 (born between 1981 and 1996). The record indicates that the tenting industry has seen a few brilliant increases considering that 2014, ordinarily because of more youthful and greater diverse campers. According to the file, the most effective 23 percentage of campers had been Baby Boomers or older.

Also, one-third of all campers surveyed defined themselves as “lifelong” campers, with an increasing number of millennials and Gen X-ers describing themselves this way. But new campers are nevertheless sharing their enthusiasm, with one of every 20 families surveyed announcing they camped for the first time this 12 months. Most respondents (54 percentage) stated that they desired to go somewhere within a hundred miles of their lives. Considering there are sixty-one country-wide parks inside the U.S., there are plenty to pick from.

The document additionally explored why those generations love camping so much. Forty-nine percent of respondents stated they “love the fantastic outdoors” as their number one motive for camping, observed via happy reminiscences of family vacations (45 percentage), trying to break out from the crowds (33 percentage), and trying to discover a brand new place (21 percentage).
It’s now not to say that older generations don’t also have those feelings approximately camping. Still, millennials and Gen X-ers are overwhelmingly acting upon their passion for the outstanding outdoors. KOA predicts that the tenting industry will keep growing, given that 90 percent of the teens and children respondents (Gen Z) stated they intend to camp as adults. Now I know what you are telling yourself…..I want to camp, it looks fun, but I have no idea how to camp, what to bring or what to expect. You really have to determine a few things before you can figure out what you need to do to get ready for your camping trip.  Answering the following basic questions will guide you to finding your footing.

1.  What type of camping have you decided to do?  Did you want to RV camp?  Camper/Trailer camp?  Tent camp?  Backpack/Hike camp?  Canoe/kayak camp? 

Determining the type of camping you want to do can aid you in what sort of equipment and expertise is needed.  For example, you would need a vastly different sort of equipment for RV camping versus hiking camping.

Camping descriptions:

RV Camping (or recreational vehicle camping) is most like living at home because you bring a furnished vehicle that you live in with you.  You can make your RV just as comfy as you like.  Everything that you need from home can most likely be brought with you in your RV.  All you need to think about are what foods and personal items you would like to stock it with.  This type of camping is generally for the people who do not like to “rough it” but also might like to be social since RV are often parked fairly near each other or in similar sections.  Though there are some normal maintenance items with RVs, you park them and live in them.

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