No Schengen visa for Kenyans with out e-passports from Saturday 2

No Schengen visa for Kenyans with out e-passports from Saturday

The Embassy of Hungary in Nairobi has introduced that most effective e-Passport holders will qualify for the Schengen visa from this Saturday.’ In around visible via Citizen Digital, the Schengen countries said that the decision turned reached after the assertion by using the Ministry of foreign affairs in April that indicated that gadget-readable passports could expire on August 31, 2019. “The Schengen member states, therefore, desire to tell the Kenyan public that from June 1, 2019, ONLY the brand new East African Community biometric e-passport would be established for Schengen visa applications,” examine the memo. The Schengen visa permits access into 26 international locations: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, and Hungary.

e-passports from Saturday

Others are Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. According to the ministry, the brand new era passports can have extra protection features than the previous device-study ones. They will even cast off the want for an East African passport as agreed by the African Union. The ministry had earlier introduced that all Kenyan passport holders can interchange to the brand new record by using September 2.

Applicants must use the e-passport at the e-citizen platform that prompts them to go into the identification and home information of parents, partners, and children in which applicable. The online utility technique concludes with payment of passport expenses which can vary from Ksh.4,550 to Ksh.7,550, relying on pages wished. After the online procedure, the applicant is expected to print three copies of the invoice as evidence of the fee to be handed over to the Immigration Department. Other documents to be surpassed over consist of original and photocopies of birth certificate and ID, copy of preceding passport if any, dad and mom’ countrywide ID or dying certificates where relevant, youngsters’ delivery certificate (if any), a replica of recommender’s ID card and three passport-size photographs.

Those who are traveling internationally may have a bit of a conflict. What makes a visa different than a passport? This should not be taken lightly, as you cannot use one in place of the other. For example, you can get a passport renewal much easier than you can with your visa. You need to know the difference between the two and what paperwork is required for each of them when traveling overseas.


This is an actual stamp/sticker put on your passport by a representative official when you arrive in a country. All a visa means is that you are allowed to visit the country. However, many countries require that you get a visa before you enter. On the downside, the rules dealing with visas are not set. Visas are required by some countries, while other countries do not require them. And to top it all off, the rules keep changing. You may need a visa one day, and a week goes by, and you won’t need a visa. The cost of a visa can differ significantly from country to country, and since the countries have no competition in issuing visas, they end up charging ridiculous fees.

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